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Alteza Commercial Kitchen Equipment Suppliers

In business it is crucial to have an advantage over your competition. Saving money is making money! Benefit from our expertise to purchase the equipment you need.

What We Do

New & Used Equipment, Liquidation Sales, Consulting,
Kitchen Design, Installations, & Local Deliveries

Who We Service

Food trucks, Restaurant & Bars, Coffee Shops, Bakeries & Grocery Stores, Schools, Cafeterias & Churches, Cannabis Dispensaries, & more…

Liquidation Sales

Shop or Sell! We conduct multiple liquidations every month. Shop Our Liquidation Sales & Save! Sign up today to sell Your Items at Liquidation.


PSE Instant Rebates Available

Available Food Service Instant Rebates have increased. Commercial Refrigeration rebates have been added for 2023!
* Deep Fryers – $1500 Instant Rebate
* Dishwashers – Up To $3795 in Instant Rebates
* Convection Ovens – Up To $3000 in Instant Rebates
See how you can get an instant rebate. Sign Up Today!

Instant rebates on energy-efficient foodservice appliances!

Admiral Craft PSE Instant Rebate Fryer
PSE $1500 Instant Fryer Rebate
CMA Dishmachines EST Energy Saver Dishwasher
Dishwasher PSE
Up To
$3975 Instant Rebate
Atosa Convection Oven Rebate
Convection Oven PSE $3000 Instant Rebate

Get Efficient

Commercial kitchen equipment could consume nearly 75% of your business’ energy usage.

Learn More

Learn more about rebates to save on energy efficient, certified equipment. Lower your bill & save energy.

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You may qualify for PSE’s commercial foodservice equipment rebates. Call today to learn more.

(206) 457-8252

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Featured Fryer Products from Atosa

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What Our Customers Say

Isaac Romero
Isaac Romero
September 20, 2023
Gracias!! Luis Fernando Gomez coronado , por su excelente ayuda! Fue UN placer hacer negocio contigo
Yacira Mayta
Yacira Mayta
September 19, 2023
Un buen servicio especial mente el señor Fernando Gómez eficaz y talento para servicio al cliente
jose Villegas Mendoza
jose Villegas Mendoza
September 12, 2023
Exelente servicio y personal recomendado 100% 10 de 10 🌠 gracias
Jibran Martinez
Jibran Martinez
September 7, 2023
100% recomendable una gran experiencia una excelente calidad en lo personal 👌
Sophia Sophie
Sophia Sophie
August 17, 2023
Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook you’re bound to find something that piques your interest. John was exceptionally helpful and provided insightful advice on my purchase. Definitely will recommend and will be going back for more supplies.
Jerine Josephs
Jerine Josephs
August 17, 2023
Great and amazing work ethic. Thank you
Kashiebia Powell
Kashiebia Powell
August 16, 2023
I was recommended to use this company through John and I am so happy for his suggestion because the level of customer service and value for money is beyond me. I could not have asked for more!!!
Juana Gonzales
Juana Gonzales
August 16, 2023
I been to alteza restaurant supply and pleased with there help and fast delivery! Depending how much you wanna spend they will help you look for the right price and best quality there is!.
Osiris Leon
Osiris Leon
August 11, 2023
Hayden, Mark and their crew were very helpful as always, my go-to for our business equipment and the best prices I absolutely recomend then, keep going with the best customer service, and always willing to help. 👍
Carl Copeland
Carl Copeland
August 7, 2023
Outstanding service, Friendly and quality equipment

Our Location

16726 Renton Issaquah Rd SE, Renton, WA 98059


16726 Renton Issaquah Rd SE
Renton, WA 98059


Phone Number

(206) 457-8252

Business Hours

Weekdays – 9AM to 5PM
Saturdays – By Appointment
Sundays – Closed

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